Friday, September 6, 2013

The Intellectual Life

Just before Hurricane Sandy hit in NYC last year, my mind felt like my closet looked.  So, I searched for a book that would help to put my ideas in order and found, then inhaled The Intellectual Life by A.D. Sertillanges.

This long-dead, French monk reached out from the the book's dusty pages and hit me over the head with the grandeur of the intellectual vocation.  I knew intellectuals were important to society and was even considering a PhD, but I was cynical.  Wasn't the intellectual life posh conferences, esoteric papers, and excessive leisure?  Where's the good in that?  Now, I saw something beautiful and I wanted it!  But, I couldn't have it because I had no time.

Today, September 6, 2013, is a different story my friends.

The idea of this blog is to be (1) a journal of my attempt to live the intellectual life that Sertillanges describes and (2) a creative outlet.

I hope that these posts will inspire you to see the grandeur of your vocation no matter what it is.

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